The development of innovative software is a complex and demanding process, and the usefulness and quality of software depend on many different factors.

That is why we believe that software development is not unlike art – even if the requested product is not a work of art as such.That is precisely what software development is like – with all of its consequences.

Over the course of the last decade or so, we have refined our software development procedures, and we now have our Methodology, which we can use to provide our services.

Our services are addressed to all kinds of companies looking for IT systems that are precisely tailored to their specific needs. Such systems are referred to as “custom systems”.


If you:

  • process large amounts of information and require an efficient computer system,
  • want to make sure that your company uses a unique, customised computer system to gain a competitive edge,
  • know exactly what you want to do, and you require a computer system to support your ideas, but you do not want your competition to use it too,
  • want to pay only for the functions you are actually using instead of “bells and whistles”,

you should definitely ask us to develop dedicated software instead of purchasing a readymade product.


Our services include the full development of a computer system – from the preparation of the design through implementation to tests, installation and after-sales service. This is hardly surprising, but that’s not all:

  • If you have never implemented systems this way before – don’t worry. We will provide training to you and your personnel to explain the implementation process, division of responsibilities, etc.
  • You do not have to prepare the software specification yourself. We know that this can be quite a challenge for many companies. That is why we will help you collect the required information from everyone and prepare the specification, which, naturally, will be for you to review. We will find out how you operate and investigate the conditions of your business to make sure that the final system is optimal.
  • We will also support your system to make sure that any changes and modifications can be implemented quickly and inexpensively. Moreover, you will be covered by our guarantee throughout the term of the long-term service agreement – without any time limit.
  • In order to protect your investment, you will be given the right to modify our source codes in specifically defined situations.
  • You will have access to our helpline so that your employees can request assistance from our professional consultants.
  • You will be guaranteed that your system is developed for you alone, i.e. it will never be implemented for any other company.
  • You will be able to run your system on any number of computers – without any restrictions. After all, you do not want the growth of your company to be restricted in any way.
  • Also, if you wish, we will provide training to show you:
    • our software development methodology,
    • our analysis and design procedures,
    • our software development, quality control, risk and escalation analysis and versioning procedures,
    • our test and documentation preparation procedures,
    • our after-sales service procedures – source code checking and change implementation.

Seems complicated? It is. It is exactly as complicated as the development of a professional IT system. Fortunately, you do not have to know all this. It is our job. We have been improving our software development procedures for many years, and we can now precisely control every aspect of this process.


Is our only purpose to ensure the highest quality of the final software? It is obvious that software quality should be as high as possible. The ultimate goal, however, is to make sure that the software is useful, i.e. that it can earn or save money in the best possible way. Quality is only a means towards maximum usefulness.


  • your IT system will be perfectly tailored to the expectations, aspirations and conditions of your business,
  • you will not have to transform your company to implement the IT system because it will be designed in such a way as to be possible to implement in the easiest possible way,
  • the system will incorporate your unique ideas and solutions,
  • the system will be a natural working tool for your employees – it will not be a product crafted by some IT staff who are unfamiliar with your business,
  • the system will be free of unnecessary bells and whistles. You will pay only for the things you actually need,
  • the system will be designed to earn or save money – in accordance with your preferences,
  • you do not need any special IT expertise or a robust IT department to benefit from custom software like other large companies,
  • you do not have to prepare the specification – which can be a complicated and laborious process – on your own,
  • your ideas or the business logic of your company embedded in the software will never be used by the competition,
  • your guarantee for the system will not be limited, and you will be offered transparent licence terms,
  • your company will be set on a path to success thanks to a smart solution adapted to the current stage of development of your business.

The benefits described above are only possible with strict quality control. We can develop top-quality software because we use stringent procedures at every stage of development, and we make sure that we learn from our mistakes in order to keep improving these procedures. This is the actual key to success.

Make sure to contact us and set up a meeting with one of our consultants.

We will answer all your questions and discuss the best way of responding to your IT challenges.


Our systems are customised to our clients’ requests, and most of them are developed using our own software frameworks. This means that every architecture is selected for a specific case.

According to the conventional breakdown of applications into the client (presentation) part, business layer and database layer, our mass capacity systems can be divided into the following categories:


  • running in the Windows environment as native applications: .Net or “regular”,
  • running in Linux as native applications,
  • running as browser applications (run from the web browser) – both light and heavy (i.e. applications containing advanced components run by the browser),
  • running as mobile applications both in iOS and in Android – including applications requiring sophisticated data processing (e.g. image analysis),
  • systems running on payment card terminals (manufactured by VeriFone or Ingenico).


  • run as modules in Linux or Windows using our own Atom platform,
  • run as applications on a Resin-type platform (application server).


  • systems based on VoltDB – the fastest and most scalable database on the market, processing as many as hundreds of thousands or millions of transactions per second using commercially available equipment,
  • complex mechanisms based on stored procedures for MS SQL Server and Oracle databases,
  • systems based on PostgreSQL and mySQL databases, particularly in-memory databases (i.e. IMDB).

Obviously, the breakdown shown above is only indicative because in actual implementations these components are frequently combined to form a single whole. For instance, our system for the sale of pre-paid top-ups is represented by an application running on VeriFone and Ingenico terminals in the client layer, whereas the business layer is implemented on the Atom platform. The database layer, in turn, is a dedicated VoltDB installation with optimised stored procedures.

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