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dmt – Software House Sp. z o.o.

The story of our company began in March 1995 with the formation of dmt-Systemy Informatyczne. In 2012, we were separated out of its structures, remaining within the dmt Holding Group.

Since the very establishment of our business, we have specialised in the development of mass capacity systems. Such solutions require processing very large amounts of information as quickly as possible, and they are intended for very demanding clients. Our focus lies in developing time-optimised solutions, in accordance with our belief that the competitive advantage of future companies will be provided not only by good management of business processes but also by quick access to processed information.

Our company has been able to grow so fast thanks to our professional team and its commitment to customer service as well as to the large number of our clients.

Software performance is our priority. Since mass capacity systems are our primary area of expertise, we regard this parameter as critical. In order to ensure maximum performance, security and stability, we develop our applications in the client-server architecture, based on the most efficient technologies on the market – including VoltDB.

Contact us if you are interested in what we can do for you. We will provide exhaustive answers to any questions you may have.



dmt Software House Sp. z o.o. is a member of the DMT Innovation Cluster – a complex structure of many independent innovation-oriented companies, based on cooperation and mutual support.

dmt_klaster-1In the Cluster, we use our energy to create and deliver innovation that is relevant to business and to the public. We want to create important, relevant and interesting things. We believe that true development is not just inventing further more or less useful IT gadgets. Rather, it is the creation of ideas that actually and considerably contribute to the comfort of everyday life and work.

Our pride comes from the fact that we do not only create such innovation – we can implement it so as to make it generally available. Innovations that work

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