Computer virtualisation has significantly contributed to the use of available computing power and – to an extent – made applications and operating systems independent of the particular complexity of the hardware. However, virtualisation is not without its drawbacks. The most important of them is the loss of performance to make multiple copies of identical operating systems.

Containerisation is a type of virtualisation that is free of this problem. A container is a single application, including all of the necessary elements (executable files, libraries, configuration, etc.). In general, the container does not include the operating system. If the entire system consists of multiple applications (e.g. database server, application server or web server), each of them can form a separate container. Containers can be combined into larger, interacting structures.

Individual containers and entire sets of containers, or even computer networks, can be run in the cloud. Although containerisation is generally implemented using the Docker system, sets of such containers are usually created, run and controlled using the Kubernetes system.

Thanks to Docker/Kubernetes, it is possible, for instance, to define efficient systems based on micro-services, which can perform even the most complex processes in a planned, secure and fully manageable way.


We develop software through the practical application of containerisation (Docker/Kubernetes) in the full spectrum of software production problems:

  • Continuous Integration,
  • Continuous Testing,
  • Continuous Delivery.

We have extensive expertise and practical experience in the following areas:

  • efficient container creation,
  • container distribution,
  • defining the security context,
  • Kubernetes cluster resources management,
  • work automation.

We routinely resolve our clients’ problems, helping them create and manage local and cloud-based Kubernetes clusters.

We also have our own server resources which can be provided in order to containerise individual applications or even entire systems composed of hundreds of applications and systems.

Our servicesMORE

Our company offers the following:

  • analysing the existing systems and applications in terms of containerisation opportunities;
  • containerizing applications and entire systems in the Docker environment
  • orchestration, i.e. developing sets of containerised applications and creating virtual networks to combine these applications and create complete systems;
  • planning and designing micro-service environments – based on Docker/Kubernetes or PTR Atom micro-services;
  • creating, managing and maintaining Kubernetes clusters both in our infrastructure and in the client’s infrastructure, and also in an environment such as the Google Kubernetes Engine;
  • monitoring containerised environments;
  • defining the security context;
  • full range of consulting and training regarding the Kubernetes/Docker technologies in all of the above areas.


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