The market keeps growing, but not every company can afford to keep postponing its project for many months due to delayed recruitment.

We are surrounded by technology, but not everyone has to be an expert in project management and technical issues. Not every IT specialist is trustworthy. Some of them are unable to work remotely. Not every distributed team is actually a team. Having a computer at home is only a means to an end – it is not sufficient for efficient work.

We have been working entirely remotely for over 25 years. All components of our business DNA have been built around the paradigm of distributed work from the very beginning. We never had or intended to have any location to gather IT specialists. For many years, we have worked on the development of a methodology and tools to ensure the maximum effectiveness of a team whose members are physically separated from each other. We also use a whole range of business and technical security measures, not only to ensure continuity of software development but to actively improve this process. Even during a crisis.

We are more than a team leasing company.

Thanks to our long-time staff, we can keep growing by developing and maintaining large and complex systems upon request. We recognise the importance of the results of our work. 


Our company offers remote contractors and  team leasing, which is a specific form of outsourcing and, at the same time, one of the most efficient forms of acquiring excellent specialists with valuable skills. Our clients will no longer have to pay the costs of recruitment and retention of the staff after the end of the project.We can guarantee quick access to the best, most experienced and proven specialists with suitable resources and tools, including full CI/CT/CD infrastructure.

As part of our remote team leasing services, we will provide your company with specialists selected specifically for the needs of your project. We can delegate a team of any size to perform the whole or part of the project using Agile methodologies (including DevOps) or other methodologies agreed upon with the client.

What you get:

Wide range of supported programming languages, technologies and databases

  • Project management: Team leader, PM
  • Developers: Front-end, back-end (Java, .NET, PHP, databases)
  • Virtualisation, containerisation
  • Testing: manual and automatic tests

Comprehensive service package:

  • System design and implementation
  • Post-implementation SLA support
  • Software tests
  • System outsourcing
  • Source code audit and code refactoring

Individual contract:

  • We sign a contract with the client, with terms determined individually depending on the type of the project, range of required technologies, duration of the job, number of needed specialists for the individual technologies and the scope of responsibility.

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