In order to develop and support innovative, high-quality software, it is not enough to simply pick the best software development method and associated procedures. The quality and usability of software depend on many different factors, including, in particular, the skills and commitment of software developers – our personnel. We owe the dynamic growth of our company to their expertise, professionalism and commitment. Their qualifications are the source of our success and strength. Our employees are one of the most valuable resources of our company.

DMT was formed in 1995, and it has academic roots in the best possible sense. The core of our company is made up of graduates and employees of the best universities for IT specialists in Kraków. Some of us still teach classes to students. Our academic past is the reason we are so open to the world, and it has fuelled the creativity we needed to implement the most demanding projects. We completed many innovative projects in cooperation with research facilities. We like to learn new things, and we are not afraid of any challenge. That is why we are so interested in complicated projects that are difficult to implement and support.

Our academic roots have never stopped inspiring us to continually improve and expand our knowledge, but we have never limited ourselves to purely theoretical considerations. Our systems are designed primarily to be reliable, functional and – most importantly – useful in business.


IT and software development technology are continuously developing. It would be difficult to find another area of knowledge that undergoes such fast and radical changes. It is clear, then, that we should be following the development of these technologies. However, how exactly should we do this if many new technologies emerge and most of them disappear after some time, and only a small portion of them manage to transform the IT industry for good? How can we reconcile this with the requirements of our clients, who expect their software to be developed based on reliable and stable solutions and methods?

That is why our company has decided to use the matrix management structure.

Divisions represent the traditional dimension of our company. The applications developed at the Development Division are supported under SLAs by the Support Division. During software development, the Development Division is supported by the Manual Testing Division and Automatic Testing and Outsourcing Division. This structure is complemented by the Technical Division, which is responsible for maintaining the internal systems of the company and security.

The heads of the divisions have long, extensive experience in designing, creating and supporting systems for particularly demanding clients.

Independent of the conventional hierarchy, we have introduced technological levels. Such levels include, in particular, the user interface, business rules, database and also our Atom micro-service platform. Each such level has its own leader. The leaders are responsible for finding and evaluating new technologies that appear in their respective technological fields. The leader is the person who decides to implement them at the company and manages the ways in which they are used, routinely defining the so-called collection of best practices for the supervised area. This means that every developer can only use approved technologies, and the way in which they are used is carefully supervised and monitored. Even upgrades of the technologies have to be evaluated by the leader.

Selection of the leader is done with great care – it is the person with the greatest expertise in a particular area. Still, the key duty of the leader is to keep expanding this expertise and continuously monitor the market – including both commercial products and open-source projects – so as to always be fully familiar with any options available at the moment.


In order to ensure that our human resources are appropriately balanced, combining experience with a bold, pioneering spirit, we make sure that our team is constantly fuelled with new members. Apart from using conventional recruitment methods, DMT implements a project referred to as the Bootcamp Academy.

The best of those who complete our special training organised by specialist trainers and professionals are offered work for DMT as junior developers. These individuals continue their professional development under the care of their more experienced colleagues, this time working on actual projects.


Since the formation of our company, our software development methodology has been oriented towards remote work. All components of our business DNA have been built around the paradigm of distributed work. Although we have our own sites, we never had or intended to have any location to gather IT specialists on a daily basis. For many years, we have worked on the development of a methodology and tools to ensure the maximum effectiveness of a team whose members are physically separated from each other. Our process starts already during recruitment. We have and use a whole range of business and technical security measures, not only to ensure continuity of software development but to actively improve this process. Even during a crisis.

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